by Authoritarian

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released October 5, 2015



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Authoritarian Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Speechless
Speechless in waiting for the next tock of this ticking moment has time and again left me fighting myself for peace of mindlessness. Taken apart and re-assembled backward from scratch, only to find we weren't designed but untethered, to flux and flow on mental weather, to dismember whats past, to make room for new limbs and climb the slopes of our...
Track Name: Turtles All the Way Down
...Cosmos on the backs of blind whims. Breathing in the earth, taking in the soil. I'm lost to myself in a void, I'm ensnared while I hold the key, and I'm watching myself fill the roles of gods because truth plays no role in my day to day. Truth plays no role in my fucking day so I'm breathing in the earth, taking in the soil. So I'll wrap myself in the void, cover my tracks and forget there was ever a way out. Man-made, this endeavor, to be the highest power.
Track Name: A Step Toward the Ladder
I clawed at my mask for years, leaving scars and thoughts of peeling it off and finding nothing but this bare skull. Dripping blood, trying desperately to keep muscle and tissue intact, but I'd tear it all away, just so I could take this picture to wake up to, and be reminded that I once had a face. Before my violence got to it. But still no one can see us, we're cloaked in vulnerability. Shoving good intentions down the throats of ill intent. Smother the hate, and hate the hatred. I choked my unhappiness until it turned blue and I smiled and thought "Why hadn't I been violent towards my violence all along?"